What to expect when you are expecting…a new born session.

Hi! Ok. I may not know how you feel in this exact moment of being a mom. Maybe for the first time. Does anyone really know how YOU feel? It’s so personal and man, I am sure hard to describe. There are hormones and lack of sleep and “OH MY LORD I HAVE TO KEEP THIS HUMAN ALIVE” feelings. From what I have heard is the the most glorious, challenging time in your life. In no way do you need to “have it all together” or clean your house or make sure baby looks perfect. This session is for you to remember this exact time in your life. Because they grow up SO QUICKLY. Help.

So kick off your shoes, take your little one’s clothes off too maybe and relax. Breast feed. Drink wine. We could give the little one it’s first bath! I am here to shoot the real and the raw and also if you want to actually get your hair or nails done then do it! I am here for YOU - I am just letting you know that at the end of the day, you will NOT want to forget how you felt and how your babe looked in these first few weeks.



I love doing these shoot on your watch and in your space. So if after a week you have realized that baby is most happy in the morning. Let’s do it. I do shoot natural light - so if you want to notice when your house has the best light during the day that is helpful! But otherwise - anytime when the sun is out I will find the good light in your house. I have noticed that after about a week to 10 days baby can make eye contact. Which I am all about when it comes to photos. So I recommend 10-20 days after birth. If you want sooner or later - that is no problem! Just letting you know what I have observed!

As far as how long the session lasts. I don’t wear a watch. I’m not looking at the clock and I hope you aren’t either. That being said I usually spend an hour to an hour and a half hanging out and shooting. If the baby gets hungry or needs to be changed please DO NOT WORRY. I have been around A LOT of babies and I know how it goes. There is absolutely no rush.



I am here to create your own specific memories with you and your baby. But if you find some poses you want to try from pinterest - that’s fine. As long as it’s not a long shot list - I am fine with attempting to re-create some cool shots you have found! I am not above what has already been done and looks cool. Ha.

I will say it again - that I am more documentary with these shoots so if you house is crazy - it’s gonna look crazy it the photos. And I love that. I am here for it. But if you get your photos back and want me to edit out the messy. Then we might not be a good fit.

Boring logistics: You will receive 50-60 high res images delivered via a website with unlimited downloads within 2-3 weeks of your session. You have full rights to these photos and can do with them whatever you wish. Because most births are not “planned” - please let me know when you have delivered so we can find a day that works for all of us! Upon signing the contract a 50% deposit is due - there is not an exact date on the contract but this is just going towards a newborn shoot and is non-refundable if not used.


Until then!

One more thing! Parents who are present - I will be putting you in the photos. Mom - if you want to get a cute onesie for baby or blanket or dress for you or comfy clothes. Do it! Also if you just want to get out of the house - we can pay extra to rent a studio space. For these newborn shoot we can sometimes go on the porch in the shade if it’s nice - but it is just dependent on weather and how everyone is feeling. We will most likely stay inside.

Please let me know what you are thinking and we can come up with the perfect session. I can’t wait to meet your little one and capture this chapter in your life.