Oh hi.

photos by: Tayler Carlisle Photography and Caitlin Ahlenius

I'm Kate!

I was born and raised just north west of Denver, CO. My husband and I now live in Sunnyside, Denver. I love living close to my family and my ideal afternoon would definitely include playing with my nephews and catching up with my sisters.

I'm wild about traveling, love, babies, my faith, photography and Thai food. One of the hardest questions for me to answer is - "What is your favorite place you have traveled?" Even now as I think about it I zone out and start reminiscing on all my adventures.

I am drawn to simple, natural moments. My favorite wedding to shoot is outdoors, in nature, using natural light. I am interested in why people are the way they are. I'm attracted to people that think differently than me. I am a story teller. A coffee drinker. Spontaneous. And a lover of Jesus. 

My husband and I are celebrating 3 years of marriage (yay!) and a word that keeps showing up for us is REMEMBRANCE. I think it's important to take time to look back at where you have been, all of the blessings and hardships, and to be thankful.

I consider my style documentary and photojournalist. I strive for authentic story telling and when I am shooting a wedding I do my best to capture the day as it naturally unfolds. I avoid the awkward, cheesy poses and focus on capturing the essence of you and your love for each other (don't worry, I will help direct you on this!). My goal is to help make you feel comfortable and relaxed - this creates the more genuine and authentic photos.

I would love to help you tell your story through pictures. If you think we might be a good fit - let's meet up for a drink or coffee!


"Life is short. Take more pictures." :)